Setup and downloads


If needed, in case of a call to our helpdesk for example, you may be asked to provide some information concerning the configuration of your workstation. You can click on the link below to reach a page summarizing your configuration.
View your settings

Remote assistance

In order to improve the service level, the HelpDesk team has set up a remote support.
If necessary, you can now launch the below executable which will authorize a secure connection between your workstation and our services to share your desktop.

Windows compatible executable
MAC compatible executable

Custom setup

The first installation of the e-file client is performed by the HelpDesk team (Luxembourg Stock Exchange). That is to say our technicians are going to assist you.
Then, your IT department will be able to install other workstations by following

Java Web Start

Even if the access to only needs a browser, its use requires the installation, on each workstation, of Java Web Start. For more information on Java Web Start please refer to the Sun Website.


You can check that Java Web Start is correctly installed on your workstation by clicking on the link below. This test requires JavaScript. Please close all the windows of your browser after the installation of Java Web Start before proceeding with this test.
Check your Java Web Start installation

Encryption module

This module is a Java Web Start application in charge of all upload, download and encryption operations (keystore management etc.) on


In some very particular cases, on the advice of our HelpDesk team only, a manual installation may be required



The SSL certificate used by is issued by Luxtrust.


Sending service

This module allows Fundsquare users to view, edit, and send regulatory reports in semi-automatic / automatic. Click on the link below to download the sending service.
. (Version 4.3.2)

The Sending Service Installer allows you to access a user interface to install your Sending Service.

Info: Documentation on the Sending Service is available on our wiki section.

This table summarizes the changes that led to the latest versions :

Type of change




Integration of CRS reporting



Integration of narative reports for CAA reporting



Integration of FATCA v2.0 layout



Transformation of the TPTIBS xls to xml
New versions of the CDDP reports



update of the U1.1 enrichment functionnality



Inclusion of CSSF U1.1 reports



New functionality : Changing TPT ASS xls file into xml



Inclusion of Solvency 2 reports



Inclusion of new reports regarding CDDP : V1.1, V1.3, V1.4, V1.8, V1.9, V1.10



Update of the COFREP EBA
Transmission of documents according to the CSSF circular 15/624
Transmission of statistical reporting according to the BCL Insurance circular 2015/239



New functionality: Excel export for BCL reports
Changes regarding last BCL reporting update



Inclusion of FATCA reporting to ACD
New S1.9 report



New BCL 2014 reports regarding Investment funds
New BCL 2014 reports regarding Credit institutions
New BCL 2014 reports regarding Securitisation vehicles
New BCL 2014 reports regarding Financial companies



Update of the DOCREP and PDRREP authorized naming convention.



Inclusion of version 2014 COREP/FINREP report
Possibility of using context file for CRF
Possibility of using ZIP files for MR and AI reports



Inclusion of the pre-encrypted reports for CRF

Detailed history is available in the RELEASE_README.txt file at the root folder of the Sending Service.


Keytool is a professional software for keystores.
You can download the IUI version (advanced) or the basic version.

PDF prerequisites

The PDF are used by, and For more details about the prerequisites please refer to our wiki.
The PDF certificat.
Access to the webservices (tests).
Write access to the temporary files (tests).

Security by Security form (new Flex interface)

In order to solve problems with the Adobe PDF technology when opening Security by Security large reports, we are pleased to offer you an interface developed in Flex. Thus you will be able to display your data whatever the amount of information present in your xml source.
This interface requires Adobe Air (more information about Adobe Air)